Hi! My name is Aaron Lee. Trained as a Designer, Researcher, and Programmer, I use design methodologies and practices to create new experiences that make sense to the world.

I am intent on transforming emerging technologies into novel and useful experiences in service of the user. Considering all touchpoints, as well as the client's current capabilities and financial goals.
design values

I've had my favorite jacket for as long as I can remember. I often get asked when I intend to replace it, but I don't see myself ever doing so. After all, I wear it everywhere and every day I can. It looks good, it does everything I need; a simple tool for a simple need. If I ever have an inexplicable growth spurt, then it'll have to go.

In my earliest years as a designer and maker, I've seen the obsession with handling the latest and coolest tech, so much so that the user needs became secondary. However, making things that will not be used can never measure up to an elegant solution that checks all the boxes, and there will always be something newer and shinier.

As a programmer, I know emerging tech and technological design opens the door to great opportunities. As a designer, I believe in leaning into the human need to best guide the solution. In Human-Computer Interaction, the Human comes first for a reason.

outside of work, you can find me

Canyon carving on my motorcycle
Watching horror movies
Dabbling in art

art, you say?
all in good fun

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